African Lion Portrait, Masai Mara, Kenya (Lions)

Lilac-breasted Roller Male Feeds Female, Kenya (Rollers)

Two Red Fox Kits Scamper Off Together (Foxes)

Great Gray Owl Female Sleeps on Nest, Swan Valley, Montana (Great Gray Owls)

Puma with Sunrise in Her Eyes, Patagonia, Chile (Pumas, Mountain Lions)

Great Horned Owl Fledglings, Natural Framing, northern California (Great Horned Owls)

Puma and her juvenile cub, Patagonia, Chile (Pumas, Mountain Lions)

Silvery Grebe Head-On, Patagonia, Chile (Silvery Grebes)

American Badger #5, northern California (Badgers)

Acorn Woodpecker, central California (Acorn Woodpeckers)