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American Avocet Flock in Water

Red Fox Vixen in Bush

Puma Mom and Cub Close

Tricolored Heron in Shadow

African Lion Limned

Northern Harrier Hunting at End of Day

Blur of Sandhill Crane

Snapping Turtle at the Janet Swanson Wildlife Hospital

Great Horned Owl Fledgling in Wildlife Hospital

Sandhill Crane With Catfish

Mating Ostriches, Kenya

Northern Harrier Hunts, Charlo, Montana (Harriers)

Black-headed Heron, Kenya (Black-headed Herons)

Purple-banded Sunbird, Kenya (Sunbirds)

Woodland Kingfisher 2, Tanzania (Kingfishers)

Woodland Kingfisher 1, Tanzania (Kingfishers)

Snowy High Key, Utqiagvik, Alaska (Snowy Owls)

Snowy Owl on the Tundra, Utqiagvik, Alaska (Snowy Owls)

Snowy Owl High Key, Utquiagvik, Alaska (Snowy Owls)

Icterid Blur, NY (Blackbirds, Grackles)